La biomeccanica a tutela dei calciatori: FLOKY Official Partner di L.R. Vicenza

Biomechanics for the protection of football players: FLOKY Official Partner of L.R. Vicenza

In order to achieve the set goals, it is important to give your athletes the opportunity to perform at their best by supporting them at 360 degrees and introducing innovation and technology with the purpose of preserve health and condition of their players.

Thus was born the partnership with FLOKY which becomes Official Partner and supplies the first team athletes with their own biomechanical devices for training, competition and recovery.

FLOKY is an innovative brand that through the study of the biomechanics of the body develops totally Made in Italy, highly technological devices with the aim of making physical activity healthier and risk-free, thus preserving the health and physical condition of football players.

Thanks to this technological partnership based on biomechanical science and innovation, football players will be able to wear special socks called AXSIST for training and competitions and RECHARGE for post and pre-activity recovery that manage to give these benefits:

  • STABILITY, SPEED AND GREATER MOTOR CONTROL: thanks to the grip SYSTEM which follows the movement of the body during changes of direction;
  • OXYGENATION OF THE MUSCLES AND GREATER RESISTANCE TO EFFORT: thanks to compression in the midfoot, venous return and continuous oxygenation of tendons and muscles increase, increasing resistance to effort and decreasing;
  • REDUCTION OF INFLAMMATION AND MICORTRAUMA: thanks to the TAPE SYSTEM they stabilize the achilles tendon and calf, decreasing stress and vibrations, thus preserving from inflammation and microorganisms;
  • VASODILATION AND RECOVERY: in the recharge to the oxygenation due to the compression in the midfoot, the use of yarn containing bioceramics is added, which reflect human heat and stimulate the improvement of the microcirculation with consequent rapid regeneration of the cells and acceleration of the healing and recovery process.

Technology and Innovation to support its players, Floky and L.R. Vicenza united to protect the health of athletes through the principles of biomechanics.



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