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    The cycling sock that enhances performance and stimulates correct foot movement while pedaling.

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Cyclingis a universal sport,suitable for the most diverse levels of experience. Cycling helps against stress and depression, allows you to control weight and keep fit, prevents the onset of cardiovascular disease and strengthens lung ventilation. The bicycle is also an environmentally sustainable means of transport: it is good for us as well as for the environment.

FLOKYcycling socks assist the athlete while pedaling, optimize thrust, improve venous return and protect against injuries. They become a single body with the shoe and facilitate a fluid, stable and balanced movement. Muscle power increases while thefatigue decreases, that’s why these socks are perfect for any cycling discipline: track cycling, road cycling, cyclocross.


Watch the full video that illustrates how scientific tests were conducted on the biomechanics underlying our socks and the benefits they bring. By our biomechanics guru, Dr. Mauro Testa, in collaboration with DMT.