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The explosiveness of a coordinated movement


  • S-MASH sock
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    The sock for padel and tennis that ensures stability and support during jumps and changes of direction.

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Padel is a complete sport, suitable for everyone, even the little ones. It improves coordination and agility, enhances self-discipline and has positive effects on the cardiovascular system, muscle tone, sleep quality and weight loss. Unlike tennis, to which it is closely related, it is played on a court bordered by walls, which are considered valid for scoring.

The padel socks by FLOKY support the athlete in the most critical moments of sporting activity, thanks to their localized compression action: they improve stability, support motion, even during jumps and sudden changes of direction, protect against injuries and speed up recovery. The specific design of the sock facilitates the return of the foot to the lying position, cushioning the impact with the ground and ensurung a sense of thrust.

For S-MASH, FLOKY boasts the partnership with the Padel Italia Academy, born as a training structure for future trainers and with the aim of spreading the passion for padel throughout the Italian territory. Its founder Marcelo Capitani, number one padel player in Italy and manager of the Junior National Padel Team, will be FLOKY’s Testimonial.