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Fluid and controlled movement

The biomechanics applied to socks

Biomechanics is the science that studies human movement to optimize it, making physical exercise not only more enjoyable, but healthy and free from the risk of injuries.

The idea of applying this science to the study of the feet and legs has allowed FLOKY to create revolutionary and innovative socks able to act on performance levels and health with an added value: making the wearer feel good.

The search for well-being and performance

Acting on the foot means acting on the body’s health and athletic performance. Owing to the development of innovative screen-printing techniques, conceived on Biomechanics principles, FLOKY has created a revolutionary sock for the sports world able to favour improved performance levels and guarantee injury prevention during physical activity bringing well-being and improved performance levels to those who practice it.

A consolidated scientific approach

Dr. Mauro Testa is FLOKY’s technical and scientific consultant, who for 30 years has been a leading international figure in the study of ergonomics, posture and biomechanical science. 

With 330 patents to his credit, Dr. Testa has always believed in research as a vehicle for innovation. In 1994 he began collaborating in sports contexts to contribute to continuous improvement in the various disciplines through the application of the principles of biomechanics in protective devices, flooring, sportswear and equipment.
He is a consultant for the main Italian football clubs and was responsible for the biomechanics performance area of all the Italian national football teams in 2017. 

He developed a new athletics track for the 2008 World Championships in Beijing on behalf of Mondo Spa, yet another in a series following the incredible sports results obtained (36 records) as well as the preventive ones (zero injuries amongst the athletes). For the Tokyo track he also contributed by providing data, analysis and information on biomechanics and the functionality of the body in contact with the new synthetic products used for the tracks, with the aim of lowering possible sources of injury and improving performances.


Research, development and innovation

Born in Turin in 1959, Dr. Testa received his degree in Sports Sciences with 110 cum laude and a university specialization course in Sports Psychology, was  the technical-scientific head of ErgovisionLab, an innovative laboratory dealing in ergonomics and industrial and sports biomechanics where new plastic, textile, thermoplastic and metallic materials were developed in order to improve comfort and safety.

Over the years he has conducted various teaching activities at Italy’s finest universities and is the owner of Ergoconsult, an ergonomics and biomechanical consulting company. He has always believed in research as a vehicle for innovation, and consequently possesses numerous patents for footwear, clothing and objects for personal health. He then became a technical consultant for top brands such as Chicco, Eminflex, Healthcare-Dr. Scholl’s, Clarks and many others.

In 2002 the President of the Republic named him Knight of the Order of Merit for Labour
for the Italian Republic and he has participated in numerous internationally renowned scientific congresses.

Floky has therefore had the fortune to have the support of this great biocmechanics guru, who has carried out numerous scientific tests supporting the fact that Floky socks truly provide the benefits that we have always discussed: better performance, protection against injuries and quick recovery times.

The scientific data 

Each FLOKY product and its every benefit is supported by scientific data and international publications that demonstrate how biomechanical studies, combined with innovative FLOKY technology, are able to truly help athletes during physical activities by preventing injuries, speeding up recovery time and increasing performances. 
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