T-TREK sock
T-TREK sock
T-TREK sock
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The trekking sock that eliminates rubbing and protects against microtraumas and injuries.

T-TREK is the first biomechanical sock designed for top-level walking and trekking. It protects the forefoot and foot from injury, helps in the thrust and discharge phase and improves stability, even on rough terrain, with the special purpose of optimizing performance and reducing the occurrence of abrasions and microtraumas during excursions.

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Product info

1. + Stability
    + Protection

The special anti-slip design of the screen printed back stabilises the foot in contact with the hiking boot, thus creating a unique body, reducing rubbing and conveying maximum stability during the uphill and downhill motion. The steady foot reduces the occurrence of pain in the toe extremities.

2. + Performance

The thickness applications distributed on the sole of the foot reproduce the breech propeller, thus helping the movement of the foot while hiking, enhancing the performance and increasing cadence.

3. + Compression

The band on the sole of the foot acts with a localized compression on the Lejars insole and enhances venous return, so as to increase muscle power, reduce fatigue and speed up post-excursion recovery. 

4. + Support

The lateral screen print is designed to support the fifth metatarsal, the most sensitive bone of the foot to mechanical stress. Therefore, posture is improved while walking.

5. + Reinforcement 
     - Perspiration

The Tape System acts as a second tendon, reducing vibration and preserving the Achilles tendon from any possible microtrauma and inflammation. Its thickness protects the heel during the impact with the ground, while the micro-holes help expel perspiration.

6. + Thrust

The special design of the sock, without the heel, along with the Tape System, facilitates the return of the foot to the lying position during the movement, optimizes the discharge, amortizes the impact with the ground and guarantees a sense of thrust.

7. + Comfort
     - Blisters

The applications are fixed externally without the use of yarns inside the sock. This leads to a consequent reduction of blisters and an increase in comfort.

8. + Adherence

The fabric has a ribbed knit for a better grip of the sock on the leg; in the same way, the cuff on the upper edge keeps the sock fixed and avoids the tourniquet effect.

9. + Preservation

The special anti-slip back is designed to protect the instep while walking downhill, improves stability and preserves from any possible formation of blisters and friction due to the foot slipping.

10. + Protection

The side protectors protect during downward and lateral movement by creating two anti-slip pads on the forefoot sides.

11. + Green

Our yarn comes from plastic bottle recycling, so we can contribute to the development of circular economy, environmental protection and an eco-sustainable vision of the future.